If elected as your Independent Member for Windermere, Rob will use his position on the Legislative Council to fight for:

 JOBS  - the creation of more full-time well-paid jobs in the Windermere Electorate, specifically in the George Town Industrial Precinct and hydrogen industry, and in the Ravenswood, Rocherlea, Waverley and Mowbray areas with incentives to encourage businesses to relocate to the industrial zones.  


 HEALTH  - a better, more effective health system focusing on two key aspects: 

  • Prevention: increased funding for health education; more incentives for people to improve their health, including the expansion of programs such as Ticket to Play which helps parents with sports registration and sporting gear costs; the creation of more green space/community garden initiatives in partnership with local government.   

  • Health services: work with Federal Government to increase bulk-billing services across the region, including the    provision of bulk-billing medical hubs in Launceston's Northern Suburbs and George Town, and increased funding for our health care sector so we can attract and retain more doctors, nurses and health care workers. 

 EDUCATION  - improved education opportunities; increased school funding and better access to free accredited University and TAFE courses as training is currently too expensive and must be made more affordable.

 AFFORDABLE HOUSING  - we are currently experiencing a rental and housing affordability crisis which requires immediate government action through the provision of easily accessible, functional grants for first home buyers, and by building more public housing in areas of need to shorten our region's ridiculously long waiting lists.

 SAFETY  -  a safer community by getting police out of administrative duties such as court appearances and COVID checks, and onto our streets and roads. Tasmania Police are highly trained and we need them in the community where they belong.

 THE ENVIRONMENT  - work closely with councils on a wide range of recycling and green waste initiatives to keep rubbish out of the ground, and fight for strategies and funding to improve our waterways.